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E&B Chat Color Editor

Back in 2002, I created a small application that can edit the colors of your chat text.  AFAIK, it will still work with the emulator currently being run


E&B Emulator

Net-7Many fine folks have banded together and produced an emulator to bring Earth and Beyond back alive.  If you wish to play Earth and Beyond, either again or as a new experience, head over to Net-7 and get in the game!


Net-7 Entertainment Inc.

OLD Sirius Cybernetics Corporation

I have brought the very old SCC site back online.  The data is OUT OF DATE with the current emulator.  And it does not relate to the current SCC guild running on the emulator.  However, I thought some of the content there would be interesting for historical reasons.

Sirius Cybernetics Corporation (ca) 2005